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Your time is precious. Spend it wisely.

con·​cierge (kän-sē-ˈerzh): someone who provides personal assistance to others (such as making travel arrangements, calendar management, shopping, or running errands)

No time to waste?

In life, time is the one thing we do not have enough of, and we do not get it back once it has passed. Let us take care of what must be done so you can do what you want with your precious time. Let's discuss how we can help you.

Trustworthy, Discreet, Professional
New Orleans Area Concierge

KBConcierge Services brings a dynamic, caring approach to freeing up your precious time by eliminating those grueling to-do lists from your daily life. We take care of your needs in the Greater New Orleans area with personalized attention.


The keys to our success are integrity, discretion, and professionalism. We will listen to you and will understand your needs. We will pay attention to every detail. We will exceed your expectations.

"Kim takes the time to understand my preferences, routines, and unique needs. Whether it's organizing my travel itineraries, running errands, or even handling last-minute requests, Kim executes everything flawlessly."

– Danica A.

Booking Options


A La Carte

Use us for errands, seasonal and rental home management, personal shopping, event planning, trip planning, and more.



Keep us on retainer and let us do the things that need to be done, so you can do the things you want to do.

Meet Kim

Owner Kim Benoit has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Louisiana for over 25 years and has worked for Ochsner Health in the Academics Division for the last eight years. She holds degrees from LSU and Tulane.


Kim is married, has two children and lives in a suburb of New Orleans. She understands people, can anticipate their needs, and likes seeing people happy.

Kim Benoit
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