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Terms & Conditions

The Client understands that reasonable care is taken to perform all contracted duties and agrees that in no way shall KBConcierge Services, LLC be held liable for any illness, injury or damage to property caused by any Agent, Vendor or Subcontractor. Furthermore, the Client agrees that any unresolved disputes shall go to mediation before arbitration.


The Client understands that a 48-hour notice is required to request services. Services requested with less than 48-hour notice cannot be guaranteed.



  1. Household Management. Including without limitation management of primary residences and seasonal homes, grocery shopping and delivery and refrigerator stocking; linens, florals, and welcome baskets; onsite contact and transportation coordination.

  2. Personal Shopping and Wardrobe. Including without limitation gift selection and delivery; wardrobe and closet organization; social and styling purchasing; engagement management; travel wardrobe planning; and dry cleaning.

  3. Travel, Experience and Special Event Planning. Including without limitation, creating local itineraries, booking and reservations, personalized activities and scheduling, special event planning; and relocation services; and

  4. such other Services which otherwise comply with the terms of the Agreement as Client and KBConcierge Services, LLC may agree from time to time.


Fees and Payment:

  • Retainer fee of $360.00 for up to 12 hours of services per month, to be paid in advance of services and billed monthly.  Additional hours will be billed at $30.00/hour. Unused hours may be rolled over one time.

  • Hourly rate of $55.00/ hour, to be paid in advance of services.


Contracts may be terminated by either party for any reason. Client agrees to pay for service rendered up to and including date of Contract Termination only. If there is a dispute over final invoice, Client and KBConcierge Services, LLC agree to mediation.


KBConcierge Services, LLC accepts payment in the form of check or credit card. Your statement will reflect the agreed upon service amount and, in some cases, a separate charge for material goods and/or ancillary services purchased on your behalf. You will receive original receipts for groceries or material goods purchased.

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